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ASTM NCATT Certifications

ASTM NCATT Certification Information
    • In 2014, ASTM International absorbed the aviation technician certification products that the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies developed with multiple ATE project grants.
    • ASTM F46 committee (Aerospace Personnel) assumed oversight for NCATT programs
    • In May 2017 an agreement was formalized by ASTM and SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. for SPI to become the administrator for all ASTM-NCATT written exams in addition to its other job-oriented knowledge and practical-skill certification examinations.  SPI also processes applications from schools and industry training providers for ASTM-NCATT Training Provider accreditation
Exams Offered

Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET)

  • Practical Skills Certificates are offered in conjunction with the AET exam.  Go to this link to learn more about them.
  • Note:  This standard has been updated.  Please go to this link to read more about it.

AET Endorsements:

  • Autonomous Navigation Systems (ANS)
  • Dependent Navigation Systems (DNS)
  • Onboard Communications and Safety Systems (OCS)
  • Radio Communication Systems (RCS)

Note: Candidate must successfully pass the AET before being eligible to take endorsements

Other ASTM NCATT exams:

  • Foreign Object Elimination (FOE)
  • Aerospace Aircraft Assembly (AAA)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System Maintenance (UAS)
Exam Fees

For information on ASTM NCATT exam fees, click here.

For more information about these certifications, contact CTS staff.